Club Meeting

Wednesday, Mar 8 7:30 pm−9:30 pm at Bear Branch Nature Center

Come join us for a night of events and information about amateur astronomy, and find out what the club is doing, and enjoy a guest speaker.

Mike Potter (Orion Studios) will take us on “A Visit to Beverly Hills Observatory” at the regular meeting on Wednesday, March 8.  Mike is a former member of  WASI who also formerly worked at the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) in Baltimore.  He was introduced to WASI by the late Blaine Roelke.  Once Mike constructed a 17.5″ Equatorial Serrurier Truss Newtonian telescope, Blaine gave his own 8″ Newtonian a boot out the door and helped Mike install the 17.5″ in his domed observatory near Keymar.  The dome from that observatory now sits atop the B.F. Roelke Memorial Observatory at Bear Branch Nature Center (BBNC).

When Blaine moved to southern Maryland, Mike migrated his telescope closer to home in Baltimore by building another observatory at the house of another WASI member living in Reisterstown.  Fast forward to the present and Mike now runs a recording studio in Baltimore and is now the owner of the Beverly Hills Observatory located at his home.

We will be offering a Back To Basics Class prior to our meeting at 7:00 pm. This month’s topic will be reading a star map or atlas. Please join us.

Meetings start at 7:30 pm and usually run no later than ~9:30 pm. Meetings are always open to the public!

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