Total Solar Eclipse

Monday, Aug 21 All Day at NASA Viewing Location

The last time most Americans experienced a total solar eclipse was 1991.  In 2017, over 500 million people will be able to observe the August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse, in partial or total form: 391 million in the U.S., 35 million in Canada, and 119 million in Mexico (plus Central America and parts of South America and northwestern Europe) .  This is a golden opportunity to observe one of nature’s most exciting splendors and to engage and educate diverse audiences in the U.S. and internationally, using a backdrop of this amazing celestial event coupled with NASA unique assets.

You need special glasses, a pinhole projection box, or special filters for a telescope to safely view a solar eclipse. Only during the few minutes of totality is it safe to look at the Sun without protecting your eyes.

Visit the NASA Eclipse2017 website for eclipse information and special viewing events. The location listed here is just one of several NASA Official Viewing Locations.

Also, please check here for local viewing events.

Don’t miss this total solar eclipse!

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