A Most Subtle Eclipse of the Moon

Lunar Eclipse

This month there is an eclipse of the moon that you might not notice without prior knowledge that it’s happening. It’s not a total lunar eclipse; it’s not even a partial eclipse. It is what astronomers call a penumbral eclipse. The eclipse occurs on the evening of February 10.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon, in its orbit about the Earth passes through its shadow. Because all three bodies must be lined up with the Earth in the middle, a lunar eclipse happens at the time of full moon. Continue reading “A Most Subtle Eclipse of the Moon”

Start Winter Observing

January’s cold but starry nights are upon us. Did you get a new telescope for Christmas or want to rediscover an optical telescope sitting in some corner? We’ll talk about at a few targets – mostly easy to find – up there. We’ll also look at upcoming astronomical events and programs within easy reach of Carroll County residents. Continue reading “Start Winter Observing”